Truly Valued Inspiration Award

There are remarkable youth in our community!  And it's time to recognize their inspiring work and commitment with the Truly Valued Inspiration Award.

The award acknowledges a student who has made a significant impact in our community by recognizing contributions in community engagement and academic achievement.

Nomination Instructions

Submit a nomination in three easy steps:

1. Determine if the student is eligible.
The Truly Valued Inspiration Award recognizes a student for making extraordinary contributions to the community.

2. Identify your nominee’s achievement areas and strengthen your nomination.
Identify how your nominee has made a significant and positive impact in the community. The Truly Valued Inspiration Award is selected by a panel of volunteers and based on a select set of criteria -- see the award criteria below.

3. Nominate!
Once you have learned about the award, you are ready to complete a strong nomination for your nominee. All nominations must be completed using the online nomination form; attach additional documents as needed.

Inspiration Award Criteria

 A panel of volunteers will evaluate the nominations based on how well the nominees meet the following criteria:

Community Engagement - Explain the nominee’s level of community engagement activities. This may include community, church or school.

Academic Achievement - Explain the nominee’s academic achievement 3.0 or above.

Impact and Value to the Community - What demonstrable, significant and measurable achievements has the nominee made to the community?

Share a Story - Please share a story with the selection committee including specific examples of why the nominee should be recognized. Include displays of leadership, problem solving and acting as a role model.  

Nominations will be accepted until April 30th. Award will be presented June 13th at our 4th Annual Celebration Breakfast at Michael’s on the Bay at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.

2019 Recipient: Zionna Williams