Set a girl like Shontaya on a path to a brighter tomorrow.

Shontaya was bounced from foster home to foster home before a family finally asked to adopt

her. For the first time in her young life, she dared to look forward to being loved and nurtured

and having a forever home. Her dream was shattered when her birth mother refused to approve the adoption. Devastated, she acted out, getting into fights, running away from home, and ultimately being kicked out of school. Life looked like a dead end.

Truly Valued saved her. Two years ago, Shontaya discovered Truly Valued’s Priceless Girls

mentoring program. The loving care she found there taught her that she was valuable, important,

worthy. She began to improve her grades and choose better friends. She’s on a path to college

and a better life. For the first time, Shontaya has a bright future. And she wants others to

have what she found.

“A lot of girls need something like Truly Valued - to be around people who care and who tell

them they’re worth it.”

You can give other girls like Shontaya a chance. Your gift today to Truly Valued underwrites

life-altering programs like the Priceless Girls mentoring program, including important training in

life skills, fun and educational field trips, tutoring and help with college and job applications.

Vulnerable girls become responsible citizens and avoid dark pathways like addiction, human

trafficking, joblessness, homelessness.

With your tax-deductible gift, you’ll give girls like Shontaya gain access to Truly Valued

programs like college campus visits, summer camp, and more. And they’ll learn to give back to

their community by taking part in the One-Sack Give Back and other volunteer and civic


Click here to give today. And set a girl like Shontaya on a path to a brighter tomorrow.