Workshop Overview

The Brains, Beauty and Business Workshop and Brunch is a 7 month series that focuses on empowering young women through a cumulative series of seven workshops that work to enhance and strengthen their identity, self-esteem, and academic and professional abilities. 

The Brains session focuses on education, utilizing and finding essential resources, student success, college preparation, and life and opportunities after graduation. 

The Beauty session focuses on building self-love and self-esteem, positive body image representation and personal development. 

The Business session focuses on their vision and niche, professional development, building a brand, and achieving success. 

Brunch features light finger foods, desserts, and fruit with an accompanied short etiquette and table manners class for the young women.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to mold young women to fit their standards of beauty and strength, not society's.

Premiers Saturday, September 1, 2018


Booker High School Cafeteria

3201 North Orange Avenue

Sarasota, FL 34234