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Our mission is to provide services to adolescent girls ages 11 to 17 focused on building self-esteem, confidence and character.

Truly Valued, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  Our goal is to create an environment of learning and explorational growth for young ladies to cultivate positive relationships and give back to their local community. Truly Valued, Inc. creates a mentor network partnership with local churches, schools and various organizations to support youth development.


Priceless Girls Mentoring Program

Truly Valued’s Priceless Girls Mentoring program is designed to help cultivate skills adolescent girls need to develop as successful adults with a strong sense of their own identity. The innovative, group-style mentoring program empowers youth through direct instruction, experiential learning, as well as trust and team building activities designed to improve confidence and respect for others. 

In 2017, Truly Valued partnered with various community organizations to provide direct services to 60 youth in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. These peers led sessions provide an atmosphere of trust so that the girls can share their emotions without feeling insecure or misunderstood. 

3rd Annual Tea Party 4 Girls Event

Dreamers Outreach Program

Truly Valued has created a series of events designed to bring youth together from diverse backgrounds and fostering an environment of learning and explorational growth while cultivating positive relationships and community service.  

Tea Party 4 Girls  

These events are designed to empower our youth through conversations with professional women who live and work in their own community. They share their experience and expertise, bringing a wealth of knowledge from backgrounds in law enforcement, politics, entrepreneurship, arts and entertainment. This year, we have challenged ourselves to make a positive difference by exposing youth to art through fashion.     

One-Sack Give Back 

Truly Valued provides a bag of supplemental school supplies to low-income children within Sarasota and Manatee Counties to aid youth with the 2nd semester of the school year.

Summer Enrichment  

Truly Valued provides an opportunity for at risk youth to experience the great outdoors.   Summer Enrichment provides a safe environment for them to gain self-confidence as they learn new skills such as problem solving and interpersonal skills. Camp is also a place where youth develop a variety of social skills (i.e. communication, conflict resolution).  Activities include workshops in character building, self-awareness, team building and evaluation, while incorporating daily physical activities such as horseback riding, high ropes course, and archery.  


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